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The firm

Dussault De Blois Lemay Beauchesne l.l.p. is a firm offering legal services to a wide range of clients, including business, entrepreneurs, corporations, professional corporations, insurers and financial institutions.

The firm has its origins dating back to 1972.

Dussault De Blois Lemay Beauchesne l.l.p. is distinguished by a competent, dynamic and collegial team, working closely with each other, to serve each client in the best way possible.

Our services
The professionals of Dussault De Blois Lemay Beauchesne l.l.p. have developed an extensive experience in these areas of law. They will be able to guide you efficiently and professionally.


  • Business consulting and business opportunity assessment
  • Constitution, organization, dissolution and liquidation of corporations
  • Incorporation of professionals
  • Examination, regularization and updates of corporation's records
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business reorganization for tax or estate purposes
  • Drafting shareholders or partner agreements
  • Bank financing and taking of guarantees
  • Franchising
  • Real estate transactions
  • Negociation and drafting of commercial contracts
  • Commercial leases
  • Wills and trusts


  • Our firm has a solid experience in class actions, both in demand and defense.
  • Over the years, our professionals have acted in class actions involving various matters and involving considerable sums of money.


  • Dispute prevention and resolution
  • Commercial disputes of any nature
  • Debt collection
  • Shareholders disputes
  • Construction and real estate litigation
  • Realizing of hypothecs


  • Subrogatory actions
  • Representation of insureds against insurers
  • Representation of insurers for insurance policies matters
  • Financial products and services
  • Analysis of insurance policies wording
  • Bodily injury assessment
  • Professional liability
  • Civil liability
  • Liability for errors and omissions
  • Product liability
  • Manufacturing liability


  • Claims for unpaid work
  • Legal construction hypothecs
  • Claims for substandard work, latent defects of construction defects
  • Tendering and bid process
  • Bureau des soumissions déposées du Québec
  • Drafting of construction contracts
  • Claims arising from suretyships
  • Civil and professional liability
  • Defense of companies in regulatory criminal matters
  • Workforce management in the construction industry
  • Contractor licenses and building permits
  • Claims arising out of product and construction materials liability
  • Environmental matters
  • Representations for criminal complaints


  • Labour arbitration
  • Human resources management policies
  • Labour standards
  • Privacy act and Access to information act
  • Contracts of employment
  • Confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-competition provisions
  • Law, rules and employment contracts interpretation
  • Recourses and inquiry for psychological harassment at work
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Occupational diseases
  • Extraordinary recourses, judicial review and injunctions
  • Representations for criminal complaints


  • Bankruptcy and insolvency litigation
  • Notice of intention procedures
  • Meeting of creditors
  • Reorganizations counsels
  • Liquidation proceedings
  • Safeguard measures
  • Consumer proposals
  • Secured assets
  • Representation of clients, suppliers, debtors and creditors during reorganization procedures


  • Professional and disciplinary law
  • Health and social services
  • Transportation law
  • Environment, municipal law, native law
  • Interventions before ministries, public and para-public organizations
  • Taking of various recourses, injunctions and pleadings before courts, commissions, boards and other administrative bodies


  • Mediation, arbitration and non-judicial dispute prevention and resolution mechanisms offer a wide range of tools for resolving disputes quickly and efficiently.
  • We have qualified and experienced lawyers in our firm who have mediated and arbitrated on complex and varied matters.


Our lawyers

  • Maurice Dussault

    Member of the Quebec Bar since 1977, Mr. Maurice Dussault practices particularly in the fields of civil and commercial litigation and also counsels his clients in various areas of business law. He is recognized for his expertise in banking, bankruptcy and insolvency law, as well as in business reorganization. He also acted as an advisor to trustees in bankruptcy and companies on reorganizations in the hotel, lumber and forestry industries. He is also frequently appointed as an arbitrator for commercial disputes.

  • Jean Deblois

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  • Robert De Blois

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  • Éric Lemay

    A partner of Dussault De Blois Lemay Beauchesne s.e.n.c.r.l. and a member of the Quebec Bar since 1987, Mr. Éric Lemay pleaded before the courts including the Supreme Court of Canada. He is handling many important files in the area of civil and commercial litigation, including in professional liability, insurance law, and construction law. He has an extensive experience in class actions and in professional and disciplinary law. He advises companies to provide innovative and distinctive solutions, including the accounts collection from debtors and their relationships with their employees. He also acts as a mediator in civil and commercial litigation. He has participated in important mediations held outside the province of Quebec and in the United States. He lectured at the Université Laval and the Bar school.   418 657-2424 ext. 1202

  • Philippe Beauchesne

    A partner of Dussault De Blois Lemay Beauchesne s.e.n.c.r.l. and a member of the Quebec Bar since 2006, Mr. Philippe Beauchesne focuses primarily on business, corporate and transactional law. His expertise is exploited in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and corporate reorganizations. He has also represented a number of financial institutions, in addition to being involved in the establishment of major real estate projects, in conjunction with various developers. He is working on a daily basis with chartered accountants and tax specialists and he also takes care of the keeping and updating of companies corporate documents.   418 657-2424 ext. 1203

  • Marie-José Côté

        418 657-2424 ext. 1206

  • Guillaume Lajoie

    A partner of Dussault De Blois Lemay Beauchesne s.e.n.c.r.l. and a member of the Quebec Bar since 2006 and holding a Masters degree in business law, Mr. Guillaume Lajoie’s practice focuses primarily on real estate and construction law. He also represents several construction contractor associations and has developed an expertise in professional and disciplinary law. He has also co-authored various legal publications, including Les sûretés réelles au Québec, and acts as a lecturer for construction contractor associations.

  • Louis Vaillancourt

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  • Pierre G. Gingras

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  • John White

    Member of the Quebec Bar since 1978, Mr. John White practices particularly in real estate and construction law. He represents construction contractor associations, as well as general contractors and subcontractors. In addition, he has also developed a solid expertise in administrative law, professional and disciplinary law and labor law. He has lectured extensively to members of construction contractor associations and various other organizations. Active within the Quebec Bar, where he was a member of the Working Group on Access to Information, he is also involved in his community, particularly regarding sports. He is currently chairman of the discipline committee for Hockey Québec-Chaudière-Appalaches.   418 657-2424 ext. 1211

  • Pierre Hémond

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  • Robert Baker

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  • Jean-François Lachance

    Called to the Quebec Bar in 2014, Mr. Jean-François Lachance practices mainly in civil and commercial litigation. He also has experience in criminal law. He provides support in complex and varied cases, including professional liability, insurance, construction and class actions.     418 657-2424 ext. 1240

  • Pierre De Blois

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  • Carolane Lemay

    Called to the Bar in 2018, Ms. Carolane Lemay practices mainly in civil and commercial litigation. Ms. Lemay provides support in complex and varied cases, including professional liability, insurance, construction, general litigation and appears before the Court in various cases as part of her practice.   418 657-2424 ext. 1236

  • Marie-Pier Smith

    Called to the Bar in 2019, Ms. Marie-Pier Smith practices mainly in civil and commercial litigation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Life Sciences. She also received the Yvon Blais Award for excellence in legal writing. Ms. Smith provides support in complex and varied cases, including professional liability, insurance, construction, general litigation.   418 657-2424 ext. 1205


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